Captain Hook Resort

Captain Hook Resort is like a hiding place for lost boys who yearn for a special place to release themselves and do what they want to do and do anything out of the framework and where they grasp a miraculous island at the end of rock bay at the estuary of Khlong Yai Ki, surrounded by glittering seawater as it the time would stop moving to allow you to collect good memories.

Captain Hook Resort stands on a sloping cliff at the estuary of Khlong Yai Ki on Koh Kood, the lowest island in the Gulf of Thailand, generally known as “Andaman of the Eastern Sea,” surrounded with endless water as if you were on a private island where the seawater is clear crystal and you can enjoy snorkeling to see a variety of colorful fish.

Cross the small Khlong Yai Ki stream, you will see a white sandy beach hidden from public eyes. This is where you can enjoy the pure nature. Deep into the Khlong Yai Ki stream, you may enjoy rowing to see the fertile mangrove forests in the mangrove forest reserve. At the end of the stream, you’ll find a small private waterfall where you can relax under refreshing water flown from the deep forests.